Information Technology is the most powerful tool ever created. It advances the entire sweep of human endeavor—from business to science to society at large. IT makes essentially every organization and activity more effective. At Illuminata, we help optimize that march of progress. « more »

Why Hire Us?

There are a lot of sources of information on IT strategies and technologies out there. Why get yours from Illuminata. Because we’re awesome? Sure. But more so, because our clear, independent perspective helps accelerate, hone, and bulletproof your efforts. We are a force multiplier.

Getting to the Cloud

In years past, we heard “the network is the computer,” but it was really just an idealization, an approximation, a glimpse of some future utopia. Now, it’s becoming literally true. We deeply understand the technical, economic, business, and cultural shifts involved, and can help you succeed in the Cloud Age. « more »

Bulletproof IT Projects

The heart of our business is industrial assistance–helping you understand: What works? What doesn’t? How to make it work? Where should we go from here? and How to avoid having it fail in painful, costly, embarrassing ways? We help organizations ranging from small startups to over-$100B-mega-enterprises improve their projects and outcomes. We provide clear, direct, independent, and completely confidential feedback about how things are going, where it needs to go, and what needs to be done to make it better. The consistent response from our clients is “Wow! That was excellent! We didn’t see that problem/issue/opportunity!” Which is exactly why they hire us–and why you should too. « more »