Illuminata Experts

Illuminata Advisors are industry experts who understand the IT world from the ground up, how to make technical innovations fit practical business needs, and what can actually makes a difference to businesses.

Our Advisors are chosen for their expert ability to understand a wide variety of components (e.g. systems, storage, networking), software, and operational procedures. We require that they have not only deep technical knowledge, but also real-world experience and an understanding of organizational cultures and business requirements. In addition, they must be very strong communicators, both in the written and spoken word.

Illuminata Advisors have over 60 years of combined experience as customers, developers, and vendors themselves. They understand from a very personal perspective what’s involved in building and maintaining complex computing architectures. They also know the industry inside and out: what’s been happening, what’s been tried before, why it did or didn’t work, and who the players are.

When you meet with our Advisors you are dealing with experienced experts who have been on both sides of the table, and are ready to share their knowledge and advice with you.

Jonathan Eunice
Founder and Principal IT Advisor
twitter me @jonathaneunice

Area of Expertise

A recognized authority on networked information technologies and their application, including system architectures, operating environments, infrastructure software, development tools, and management strategies.

Professional Background

Over two decades of experience as an international speaker, and an advisor to C-level executives and Fellows/Distinguished Engineers alike. Author of hundreds of research publications. Books include MVS vs. Unix: Midnight in the Garden of Open and Proprietary, Enterprise Systems Management, Unix in Transition, Unix Matures, Leaders in Object Technology. Expert witness. Degrees in Mathematics/Computer Science and Philosophy.

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